Reading Group

Reading Group

The Charles Dickens Museum is once again to be the atmospheric venue for a reading and discussion group set up to explore the work of Dickens and his contemporaries. Dickens moved into the house at 48 Doughty Street, London, in 1837 and it was where he wrote the hugely successful Oliver Twist, but also suffered the tragic loss of his loved sister-in-law, Mary Hogarth. The house offers authentic and inspiring surroundings and contains paintings, rare editions, manuscripts, original furniture and many items that bring to life this most popular writer of the Victorian age.


The reading/discussion group.

We will meet once a week on Thursday afternoons from 2.00-4.30 for reading and discussion led by Dr Jane Gibney, a friend of the Charles Dickens Museum. This will include a break for tea.


What kind of readers?

We are hoping of course to attract some Dickens enthusiasts. At the same time we are particularly keen to welcome readers who are less familiar with nineteenth-century writers. Years ago you may have read some of the books we cover and would like to return to them and discuss them now, or you may wish to catch up on books you’ve never had a chance to read. The house will provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for getting to know some of these great writers – and, of course, each other in the Group. At each session you will have had an opportunity to raise questions about the books we are reading and to debate ideas with the other members of the Group. We will also consider the historical and social contexts in which the works were produced.


We will be looking at the following novels:

• Charles Dickens, Nicholas Nickleby

For more information or to book a place please email or telephone the Museum on 020 7405 2127.

Thursday's from 12th February - 19th March

2.00 - 4:30pm


Each Session is £7


Tickets can be purchased from the shop before the group starts.


Please note that the first session on Thursday 12th February will from 2:30-5pm.


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